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Search Strategy

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What is Search strategy?

SEO strategy is an approach to search engine optimisation that has a focus on marketing and brand reach above technical implementation for website code. Strategic SEO puts search engines at the front and centre of the user experience. Strategic SEO uses the content a business is creating everyday via marketing collateral, press releases and multimedia content to manipulate the search engines perspective of a brand or organisation.

Check out the presentation below for a quick start guide…

Introduction to SEO

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There are about 4 billion searches everyday and 60% of those searches are informational i.e. a query for information that isn’t necessarily transactional. These searches require content and an indepth understanding of the query and of the ranking website for the search engine to put the right results in front of their users.

Strategic SEO aligns a brands editorial plan with targeted, timely search signal manipulation, meaning that the content you are promoting is also the content that the search engines are displaying, at exactly the point when your users are most likely to engage with it.

Why does SEO requirement a strategic perspective?

SEO is a long term investment, there are no overnight wins in the world of SEO. Without a plan you have little to no chance of rankings for any serious terms. And what about when you to start rankings on the search engines, when you are number 1 – what happens if all of that effort is for nothing because you find that the keyphrase you are number 1 for actually isn’t searched for at all?

Strategic SEO starting with thorough audience and keyphrase research gives a website the best chance of visibility because a plan can be ‘baked in’ to the business activities.

But I thought Search was all about tech…

Then you’re wrong, almost nothing in modern SEO is about technology; other than the technology employed by the big search engines, and in particular Google, to ‘read’ a website no matter the quality of the coding behind it.

Search engine optimisation is a marketing endeavour and as such it requires a marketing head to plan and implement a successful campaign.

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