by Andy Gaukrodger

Automating Twitter Content by Ralph Tegtmeier

Here’s a quick bare bones breakdown on how to automate content generation and distribution for Twitter. Yes, there are plenty of other viable solutions and approaches, tools and techniques. However, the purpose of this article is merely to demonstrate how easy it can actually be to run powerful Twitter campaigns in as efficient a manner as possible without having to pay through the nose. There’s no ambition to list and critique every option under the sun here. So if your favorite service or app isn’t mentioned, that’s not to imply it isn’t any good or something – go ahead and use whatever you’re comfortable with.

Also, please note that this is about specific, Twitter targeted content only. Hence, I’m not addressing the various tools and services that enable you to auto- or crosspost e.g. your blog feed, your YouTube favorites or your Facebook wall to Twitter.

Full Article: Automating Twitter Content by Ralph Tegtmeier

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